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Workshop “Finding the Character” Sunday 15th October 9:30am-5:30pm in the Victoria Hall

The House of Fun Theatre was founded in North Cornwall, in early 2001, by David Richey, writer, director, performer and workshop leader, and Rachael Richey, administrator. Since their onset, The House of Fun have strived to bring the excellence of live theatre to an audience who may otherwise have not experienced it, by travelling to Primary Schools around the country. Each of the four character-linked productions, have become extremely popular, with schools requesting return visits, year after year; in some cases, as many as twelve times! In 2009, The House of Fun expanded their repertoire to include Workshops, both for children, and adults.

It is generally agreed that one of the most magical experiences for any actor is that moment when the character they are playing truly comes alive; when the performer finds they are saying and doing things that are not in their normal nature because they are speaking from the thoughts of another. The Finding the Characterworkshop, a workshop for adults, will examine some of the different strategies you can use for finding that character and lifting them off the page. It will look at widening the range of characters that you feel you can play and will consider techniques for accessing them.

We will find ways to deconstruct, demystify and analyse a character in order to rebuild them in a way that can be played effectively and with truth. Using games, exercises, improvisation and script work, we will meet some very interesting people… and then get to take them home!

This workshop is of particular benefit to those who have not had the opportunity for formal training in drama, and is geared both to professional performers and amateur groups.

The facilitator, David Richey is an actor, director and writer, and currently Artistic Director of The House of Fun Theatre. He sets up and runs many creative and theatrical workshops, and conducts a great deal of on-going professional training through Equity. He is an experienced improviser and has worked with several comedy-impro teams – many of whose essential skills are brought into the workshop environment. As well as the huge benefits for performance development, his workshops are well known for their sense of fun!The cost will be £12 per head, spaces are limited to 12 on a first come first serve basis. You will need to bring a packed lunch but hot and cold drinks will be provided.

If you would like to take part please contact Kerry to book your place at or on 07557 447078 Payment must be paid in advance and by 7th October at the latest.

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