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Workshop Report, Looks like those who didn't go missed out.

A good Group of members attended the House of Fun Theatre Company's 'Finding the Character' workshop on Sunday 15th October and were not disappointed in the day. Tutor, David Richey, comes from a very accomplished career in the theatre and clearly had plenty of skills to pass on. Starting the morning with physical activities helped us all breakdown our barriers and warm us up on a chilly sunday morning. What at first impression felt little daft made an awful lot of sense when we came to applying the focussed skills we were learning to specific activities. The content of the course gave us all plenty to think about, new methods for finding instant character from the moment you step on stage, with everything from physical and emotional cues, to elements of imitation to help develop a good rounded character. Working as a team, we looked at the role of Lady M in the 'Scottish play' and all contributed different emotional elements which would help an actor build their performance of her. The group who attended all worked together really well and, I felt, helped us appreciate each others skills even more so that we might have previously done. Personally, I cannot recommend David highly enough and I very much hope that he will come back to work with us again. For all actors, the opportunity to reinforce the skills we may already have and learn new ones should never be missed and I should also pass on our grateful thanks to the CUDOS Presidents Trust Fund for subsidising the workshop making the whole day a snip at the price for what we gained from it. Definitely don't miss out next time!

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