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CUDOS Auditions

Only 7 days to the info/read through for our next play Don’t Dress for Dinner!.

PLAY - DON'T DRESS FOR DINNER by Marc Mamoletti, adapted by Robin Hawdon.9th – 12th May 2018Director: George FlintStage Manager: Lucy Singleton This farce takes place in a stylishly converted French farmhouse. Bernard is planning to entertain his mistress while his wife, Jacqueline, is away. He has arranged for a cordon bleu cook to prepare dinner, and invited along his best friend Robert to provide an alibi. Except Robert doesn’t exactly know why he has been invited, Jacqueline does not leave for the weekend, the cook gets mistaken for the mistress, and the mistress gets mistaken for the cook - all of which leads to hilarious confusion and improvisation.Read Through Monday 5th Feb Auditions: Thursday 8th Feb 1st Rehearsal Monday 12th Feb All at 7:30pm in the Victoria Hall

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