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Yes here It Is, the Snow White Adjudicator's Report

Somerset Fellowship of Drama Cinderella Trophy Competition

Snow White presented by CUDOS

Saturday Matinee 27th January 2018


What do you do on a wet Saturday afternoon in January? Go and see a pantomime and that’s what I did.

Arriving a little early I was sheltering by the doors which eventually opened and I was greeted warmly by Wendy Elliott who recognised me immediately even though it had been many years since I performed at Crewkerne in the musical Charlie Girl. I was then greeted by Ann Brolly another face from that show who showed my wife and I to our seats. At last the first society to be playing back ground music when I entered the auditorium. A nice touch which I wish more societies would embrace. Three rows of little girls in front of me promised that this could be quite a lively audience.