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Bazaar & Rummage

REHEARSALS FOR NEXT PRODUCTION BY CUDOS WELL UNDERWAY: Rehearsals for the next stage production by Crewkerne United Dramatic and Operatic Society (CUDOS) are well underway. The comedy drama 'Bazaar And Rummage' was written by the widely talented English writer and humorist Sue Townsend, famed for her Adrian Mole series of diaries. The play was first presented on stage at the Royal Court Theatre, London in 1982. CUDOS' production, with additional lyrics and music by Shirlie Roden, will take place in the Victoria Hall at 7.30 pm nightly from May 3rd to May 6th. It is recommended for adults only. Tickets are now on sale from and by phoning 01460 74380 at £7 full price and £6 concessions. The comedy drama is set in a church hall, where three agoraphobic women have been encouraged by their social worker, to help run a jumble sale. There are moments of humour and of sadness as the play unfolds, looking at the cause of their phobias as they plan to face the outside world again. Crewkerne Headlines And Topics went along to meet the cast on Thursday evening: Kerry Peters (Margaret) Sarah Elliott (Katrina) Sheena Wilkins (Bel Bel) Dendy Harris (Gwenda) Diana Hodgson (Fliss) and Leonie Dash (WPC) as they rehearsed with Dave Brolly on electric music and Lucy Singleton on clavinola.

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